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At CHAPPELL'S CHILDCARE CENTER we believe the best way for your child to embrace the joy of learning is to learn in a fun, comfortable and encouraging environment. We support children to curate positive behavior, build skills, and friendships. We focus on growing your child’s strengths, encouraging them to explore new ideas, become curious about the world, and build courage and confidence.

We aim to provide students and parents with a quality and safe, FUN, and educational experience. Our dedicated team helps children develop their physical, social, and emotional skills while encouraging them to embrace their curiosities about the world around them!


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Toddlers are curious – growing and learning fast. This is the time when children learn to use words and speak. Our teachers plan activities to help them explore and master their new skills. We believe that by promoting purposeful play in a safe, organized environment, our toddlers develop and strengthen their new independence. Our teachers modify educational experiences based on children’s interests and strengths while recognizing each child individually.

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Our teachers build their curriculum focused on hands-on exploration and discovery to foster lifelong critical thinking skills and confidence. Children acquire a love of learning through solid teacher/child interactions, planned age-appropriate schedules, and hands-on activities. We use a child-focused, creative arts curriculum that supports early learners by creating an environment that encourages them to explore learning materials and interact with adults and peers while being comfortable with their own creativeness.



Our Infants program offers a safe, nurturing, high-quality environment promoting infants’ healthy growth and development. Teachers provide responsive care to each infant, embracing and encouraging their unique development, allowing them to grow at their own rate.

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Our Pregnancy Mentorship Connection provides practical life skills and assistance to young mothers ages 15-30 with a focus on financial literacy and budgeting, and mental and physical health during and after her pregnancy. This program provides an atmosphere of positivity, love, acceptance, and support while fostering independence and good decision-making to help young mothers thrive and become productive women.

Contact Dr. Lady Chappell for more details at (440)658-9790

We are committed to creating a strong home and center connection by developing a process of open, honest communication with you regarding your child’s development and experience at the center. This includes a continual exchange of information between you, the center staff, and management.

Communication between our teachers and our families is one of our most important goals. For this reason, families are always encouraged to talk to their child’s teacher during drop-off and pick-up times. However, we also offer a more formal setting for families and teachers to connect, if requested, by scheduling a Parent-Teacher Conference.

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In our effort to provide a healthy and supportive community for parents and students, CHAPPELL'S CHILDCARE CENTER offers various informative resources. These community resources serve as a reliable source for questions concerning childcare, medical, mental health, and family support. Our community resources include: